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Equind : a European Project

EQUIND is a European project aiming at using diamond for quantum information purposes. It involves 7 universities and a private company from 5 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belarus and Australia). 

The project involves 8 groups, all leading experts in the field of diamond material processing and application of diamond to quantum information. It strongly relies on recent developments in the synthesis and processing of high purity isotopically engineered intrinsic and doped single crystal diamond, the production and functionalization of diamond nanocrystals, and methods of controlled activation of defect centres suitable for quantum computing. Such developments will also benefit to diamond colour centre based single photon sources for quantum cryptography.

Logo Equind

Action Line : b9 FET open

Coordinator, Contact Person :
Jean-François Roch
Tel: +33-1-47402102
Fax: +33-1-47402465

Contact Organisation:
ENS Cachan