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What is EQUIND ?

Project details

Project Reference: 034368        
Contract Type: Specific Targeted Researc
h Project
Start Date: 2007-01-01               
End Date: 2009-12-31

Duration: 36 months                  
Project Status: Execution

Project Cost: 2.13 million euro   
Project EU Funding: 1.66 million euro

The key elements required for quantum information processing are:
  • Low error encoding of qubits onto individual quantum systems
  • Storage of quantum information for times long compared to gate times
  • Controllable two qubit interactions forming fast quantum gates.

Our candidate systems are the paramagnetic colour centres in diamond. They offer at individual spin control and at room temperature very long coherence times compared to quantum gate processing times. The primary objective of this project is to use such defects in nanostructured diamond to implement scalable quantum logic gates, with the prospect of room temperature operation. Such elements rely on electron spin splitting of ground states in specific colour centres in diamond. Read-out of the single electron spin state can be achieved through optical detection of the colour centre strong photoluminescence, which is perfectly photostable even at room temperature. An order-of-magnitude improvement of the detection efficiency is therefore of crucial importance for achieving single shot read-out of the state of the addressed spin, and is one of the main objectives of the project. Coherent single photon wavepackets are also one of the building blocks for a photon-based quantum processor. Since individual colour centres in diamond have been shown as promising single photon source, temporal coherence of the emitted single photons will be investigated.